A Better Way to Manage Process Serving

The law firms spends significant time, money, and resources on legal services which often result in failed attempts, incorrect affidavits, and inadequate communication that can be hazardous to your entire case.

Don’t leave things to chance and end up starting from scratch.

Notifeye Legal's transparency, efficiency, and state-of-the-art legal platform empower you to monitor and track your legal services every step of the way.

1. Free yourself from the current inefficient and complex process.
2. Avoid delays, save resources, and get quality products.
3. No more time-consuming accounting paperwork.

We’re changing the way process serving are done with


Notifeye Legal lets you:


Place your order directly with an experienced service provider.


Watch the status of your order in real-time in the Notifeye Legal dashboard.


Pay as you go and rate your service provider.

Why Choose Us:

Automated Workflows

No more middlemen and manual processing. We know the pain of waiting to set up and get things done. Through Notifeye Legal’s automation, we have effectively improved the speed and quality of the process.

Streamlined Communication

Always be in touch with the service providers you directly work with. Expect clear, reliable communication with Notifeye Legal’s custom software platform.


Track your orders or services from start to finish. Then, rate your service provider. At Notify Legal, services are transparent every step of the way.


With Notifeye Legal’s state of the art web app designed with simplicity and efficiency, you are able to manage your legal services needs with ease.


We link the law firm directly to the local service providers.

Quickly and Conveniently, Notifeye Legal gives you:

One dashboard to track all your process server;

Better payment processing;

State of the art automation;

Order tracking all in one place;

Simple onboarding process;

No subscription fees and pay-as-you-go model;



Consistent and proper affidavits;

High-quality service providers.

One Place for Process Server

No need to jump from one place to another when you can access multiple services in one location.

Skip Tracing

Process Serving


Advance Witness Fee


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