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Process servers rely on multiple service companies for work with different requirements and little to no technology. It’s frustrating and unfulfilling to rely on a middleman that dictates your work, income, and schedule.

Service Providers

All in a single platform designed to help you grow

Notifeye Legal directly connects process servers to law firms. Get on-demand jobs, higher payments, and control over your time.

Build your career

Expand your network, and take control of your time with Notifeye Legal’s streamlined and automated platform.

At Notifeye Legal, we don’t just provide you with jobs. We enable you to be successful efficient reliable and profitable

Service Providers

Say goodbye to the old chaotic, low pay, long process of doing work and get connected directly with the law firms through our state of the art platform and start making 2-3x your normal pay.

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Why Choose Us

Be your own boss

No more waiting around and jumping through hoops for jobs. Notifeye Legal will send you jobs directly to your app, you choose where you want to work, when you want to work and which jobs you want.

State of the art technology

We will provide you with a custom app that enables you to receive and complete more orders in less time. Notifeye Legal’s automated, streamlined workflows let you work faster and more efficiently.

Higher pay

Get paid what you deserve. Earn more on the Notifeye Legal platform and get up to 2-3x more payment than the current market rate.

Automated payment processing

No more managing invoices, chasing money, processing payments, writing off bad debt. Notifeye Legal will handle all your financial processing needs. Just sit back and get your money.

Career growth

Notifeye Legal is designed to help you succeed. Our automated workflows mean faster and more efficient work so you can build your career and credibility as a legal service provider. Take control of your profits through on-demand work, standardized pricing for completed jobs, and a more reliable payment schedule.

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